Welcome Message

Dear Delegates,

On behalf of Medico-Legal Society of Malaysia, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Regional Medico-Legal Conference 2023 in beautiful and vibrant Kuala Lumpur!

MLSM is privileged to resume in-person participation at our Regional Medico-Legal Conference this year with the Theme “Connecting the Dots: Healthcare, Humanity & the Law”. We are delighted to host this Conference, on 18th & 19th September 2023, at the strategically and conveniently located Sofitel Damansara, a stone’s throw away from vibrant Bangsar.

The Conference will feature important voices in the medico-legal fraternity as well as multiple panels of eminent speakers from Malaysia and regionally who will focus on current important topics in the sphere of healthcare and humanity relating to the growing senior demographic and the medico-legal needs of the vulnerable who need surrogate decision making (including those living with Autism, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Strokes and other conditions which make them dependant on surrogate decision makers). These conversations are likely to point to the urgent need for robust mental capacity laws, regulations, medical and legal protocols for taking consent, advance medical directives and other related aspects to ensure the vulnerable are not neglected or taken advantaged of financially and receive the appropriate care at their time of need.

Speakers from different stakeholders will touch on topics ranging from legislative reforms, issues on the ground from medical practice to real conversations on the well-being of patients and their families as they navigate health and wealth concerns. We will hear from our colleagues in Singapore who have somewhat of a head-start in addressing mental capacity needs of their nation and we will weave in important discussions which takes into account Malaysia’s unique concerns and needs.

Without question, the medico-legal landscape has transformed in the last 30 years with increasing options for care in tandem with increasing patient expectations, insurer intervention or in some cases avoidance and the biggest elephant in the room, is the increasing commercialisation of the healthcare industry. The goals of the healthcare and legal industry should include possible reforms and fresh legislation and systems that address the needs of the most vulnerable including the aging of our Society of all wealth classes. Accordingly, this Conference aims to update delegates and provoke thought and a proposal for a call to action.

The solutions seem to lie in the adoption of best practices and the avoidance of disputes. The key to all this remains good Medico-Legal Education and Medico-Legal Engagement which will be the ultimate aim of this Regional Medico-Legal Conference. 

If you are involved in the legal, healthcare or insurance industry or any stakeholder for the vulnerable, you would want to be part of this experience! We continue in our aim as MLSM has done over the last 35 years to enhance the awareness and knowledge of healthcare providers and legal practitioners on the current medico-legal issues and their implications.  

It is hoped that all of you will benefit from the discussions as well as create or renew ties in this important circle of thought leaders.
I wish you an enjoyable and fruitful Conference where I look forward to meeting all of you in person. Thank you!

Shanti Abraham 
President MLSM 2022/2023

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